Florida Fresh Botanicals started with one of the founding partners simply wanting a trusted supply of kratom as he was concerned about the quality of product he consumed from local vendors.

He asked many questions and discovered most product sold in the us comes from Indonesian farmers with little to no formalized harvesting & production standards.

One bad kratom purchase made him sick so he decided he would grow his own solely for his personal use.  A couple plants were purchased from a known source and planted in his backyard.

Expand Supply

Wanting to expand the supply, seeds were acquired from around the world, and from a valued Florida grower who was willing to share knowledge and support.

Our Growth

What started as a hobby grew over the years, and then exploded when the hobbyist met a Ph.D. in horticulture from the University of Florida who also is the director of the largest vertical farm in the state.

Miracle Plant

A mutual friendship was formed as the pair had a strong commitment to sustainable farming and both shared a love for what they describe as a “miracle plant” … Kratom! Together they daily put their hands in the dirt and manage a 20 acre south central Florida farm dedicated to kratom.

Why choose us?

Florida Fresh Botanicals is striving to become a trusted source in U.S. grown kratom products.  We believe that people deserve access to natural healthful whole plant-based options to care for their body, mind and soul.  Our vision is to provide every individual with access to fresh natural florida plants using the highest ethical farming practices.  Our products are lab tested for purity and composition.  The standard here at Florida Fresh Botanicals is high, and we work hard to maintain this with every order.